Please Read Before Continuing with Registration

In order to attend this conference, all registrants must be one of the following:

Active Law Enforcement (Federal, State, Local, Military, etc.)

Active Prosecutors (District Attorney, Solicitor, AUSA, etc.)

Criminal Interdiction Support Personnel (Intel Analyst, etc.)

Active Law Enforcement

Active Prosecutors

Criminal Interdiction Support Personnel

Note: Credentials are required when checking in at the conference and must be carried at all times while at the conference.
Be sure to have the following information for each registrant prior to continuing:

Full Name

Email Address


T-Shirt Size

Banquet Dinner Meal choice (if attending) Meal Choices are Beef or Chicken

The only meal provided to attendees is the awards banquet dinner on Wednesday, May 2 2018
PRIOR TO 1/20/2018
PRIOR TO 4/20/2018
$100.00 Late registration fee per student applied after 4/20/2018
5 or more attendees who register as a group, and make payment prior to 4/20/2018 will receive an additional $25.00 discount off the cost for each registration
+ Receive Conference Updates?

Receive Conference Updates?