National Interdiction Training & Networking Conference

Conference Host

The Kansas Highway Patrol, with the assistance of the Domestic Highway Enforcement Program, is hosting the most widely attended, high energy, criminal interdiction training, and networking conference in North America. Year after year the National Interdiction Conference has shown through the help of numerous partners at the federal, state, and local level, just what can be achieved when law enforcement comes together and shares its knowledge of the trends and techniques used by the criminals who destroy our communities, in addition to the techniques used to identify and apprehend them.

Conference Mission

To train and influence a pro-active “All Crimes” approach to criminal interdiction while also promoting and encouraging the networking of law enforcement officers nationwide.

Conference Description

Imagine an Interdiction Training Conference where the nation’s top networking and training programs come together. It’s happening in Kansas City, Kansas, April 28 – May 3, 2019.

The 2019 National Interdiction Conference is energized and coordinated by the National Criminal Enforcement Association [NCEA] and Desert Snow.

This conference event could not happen without the direct support of numerous state and federal programs which include the Drug Interdiction Assistance Program [DIAP], El Paso Intelligence Center [EPIC], Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area [RMHIDTA], Rocky Mountain Information Network [RMIN], Domestic Highway Enforcement [DHE] program, Air and Marine Operations Center [AMOC], Homeland Security Investigation’s [HSI] National Bulk Cash Smuggling Center, and many others.

This intense training and networking conference is the highest attended of its kind available in the United States.

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