2016 Annual National Interdiction Conference 

For years, the National Criminal Enforcement Association [NCEA] and the Desert Snow Training Program have been hosting a variety of different interdiction training seminars and conferences. As a result of these organizations individual efforts, the NCEA’s Advanced Criminal Patrol & Networking Winter Conference had become one of the largest single Interdiction Conferences offered in the United States, while the popular training programs offered by Desert Snow has become some of the most sought after, highly attended Criminal Interdiction & Terrorist Apprehension Training Conference of its kind. The National Interdiction Conference has trained over 3500 of the finest American and Canadian police officers from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in only 4-years time.

Keeping in line with our proud tradition, the 5th Annual National Interdiction Conference (www.2016nic.com) will again bring together the finest law enforcement officers and instructors from around the country under one roof, March 13-18, 2016! We are proud to announce five jam packed days of intense, highly motivating training, offered by two of the largest and most well respected non-governmental organizations in the criminal interdiction industry. This outstanding training opportunity is proudly being hosted by the Nevada Department of Public Safety and sponsored by the Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area [HIDTA].

Each conference attendee will enjoy an experience like none other, as the week of training will teach successfully proven criminal patrol and interdiction techniques from start to finish. The techniques taught by these two groups have been utilized by law enforcement professionals out in the field around the world for over 25 years! Together, the NCEA and Desert Snow have successfully trained over 87,000 law enforcement professionals. Other than the United States government, no other company, organization or group have accomplished this feat. After the completion our training workshops and conferences, our attendees have seen significant and successful increases in contraband seizures and major arrests of some of the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. Law enforcement attendees will leave the National Interdiction Conference with the training, knowledge, confidence, understanding and experience needed to effectively, safely, and legally employ their learned techniques to interdict criminal activity in transit and on our community’s streets and highways!

As the main staple of the National Interdiction Conference, we will provide both classroom and hands-on Passenger and Commercial Motor Vehicle interdiction training. During our hands-on portion of training, attendees will be exposed to aftermarket hidden compartments, and how they can be accessed. The National Interdiction Conference will also instruct our attendees in many other disciplines in Criminal Interdiction, Terrorist Apprehension and Officer Safety fields, to name a few. 

Midweek of the National Interdiction Conference, we will host our annual awards banquet dinner. This banquet will be the highlight the law enforcement criminal interdiction efforts of both organizations from 2015. This wonderful sit down dinner, along with the refreshments offered during the classroom breaks each day, are included as part of each attendee’s registration fee.

Lastly, group networking sessions will be inclusively offered during each evening and night throughout the week. These opportunities will allow students the ability to network and share information, which is sure to help each learn more about the current trends taking place and techniques being used throughout the United States. This rare opportunity will allow students to make new contacts, which will assist them when it comes to taking their own criminal cases and investigations to the next level, while also building friendships for life.  The NIC staff takes a lot of pride in making sure our attendees head home with a great appreciation for the training and experience we provide.  

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